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Financial capability community workshop – Budgeting

Last week we ran our second live Financial Capability workshop for the volunteers at Jackie’s Drop In Centre.

This was a Budgeting workshop, and we covered the following:

  • what we mean by budgeting
  • why it is useful to budget
  • how to go about doing a regular budget plan
  • how to use a plan when you have one
  • where to find more help

The group completed a short budget plan during the workshop for a given scenario and also took away a full budget plan template to try at home for themselves, please click here to download this template.

Once again the workshop was very interactive, small bursts of teaching interweaved with fun activities and meaningful group discussions.

We had lots of positive feedback and we will be returning to the Jackie’s in the coming few months to deliver more financial capability workshops.

If you would like to attend any of the financial capability workshops either in person or online, then please email

Budgeting Workshop Budgeting Wotkshop

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