Helpline: 0800 144 88 48

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Citizens Advice North Hertfordshire

Enquiry Form - Get Advice​

We need your permission to record details about you and your enquiry, so that if you visit again, we will not need to ask you the same questions. If you are happy for us to do this please complete this form and sign below. To be able to deliver and improve our services, we need to know whether we are helping all groups in our community. 

If you agree, we'll use this information, which is known as 'special category personal data' to give you advice, to help us gather data to improve our service and to support our research in a way you can't be identified. We'll make sure all your information is kept safe in our secure case management system

Free Advice Line:

0800 144 88 48

The number above is for the Hertfordshire Citizens Advice Line.   Opening hours are 10 am to 9 pm Monday to Wednesday, 10 am to 8 pm Thursday and Friday, and 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday.

If you would like to contact Citizens Advice North Hertfordshire directly please call us on 01462 689801 and leave a message.

Citizens Advice North Hertfordshire local number:

01462 689801

Use the number above to call the Citizens Advice North Hertfordshire. You will reach an answerphone – please leave a message and we aim to respond within 3 working days. 

If you would like advice over the phone you can call the National Citizens Adviceline on 0800 144 88 48