Citizens Advice North Hertfordshire would not be able to function without its volunteers and we are extremely grateful to everyone who gives up their time to work with us.

But we hope that this is a two way process and that our volunteers also gain a lot from their work with us. We offer an opportunity to ‘give something back’ and provide help to people in your local community. You will be meeting new people and working as part of a friendly and supportive team. You will be learning new skills, developing your experience, and have access to quality training.

All our volunteers have a different reason for coming to us, but all find it a fulfilling, enjoyable and stimulating experience.

What kind of a time commitment do you ask for?

This depends on the role and the amount of training that is needed. For example, we usually ask for two 4 hour sessions a week if you are going to be a trainee Adviser, but the time commitment may be different or more flexible for other roles. Do get in touch with us if you would like to discuss before submitting an application.

How do I volunteer?

First, have a look round our website and read the outlines of roles we typically have available for volunteers. Then fill in our application form and return it to us. It is helpful if you give us an indication of the type of role you would like to do.

What happens next?

We will be in touch as soon as possible to acknowledge receipt of your application form and to discuss the role you are interested in. If you’d like to proceed, we will invite you to an informal interview, giving you the chance to find out about us and us to get to know you better.

If you’re interested in volunteering please download and return this application form to volunteering@nhdcab.org.uk :

Volunteer Application Form

or complete the form online.

Volunteer Application Form

Are you interested by any of the following volunteer roles?

Skills and Qualifications

e.g. dealing with people face-to-face or on the phone, speaking / writing a language other than English, sign language, filing, research, using a computer, helping people to learn etc.

e.g. employment, work experience, volunteering, community activity (involvement in tenants’ associations, school activities, support groups, etc), caring for children,
other relatives or a friend, classes, training courses. Please include dates if possible.


Please give the names and addresses of two people, other than your family, who can tell us about you – e.g. an employer, teacher, volunteer manager, community leader or other appropriate person.
NB. It is suggested that you contact your referees before giving their names in order to check their details are correct and if they are willing.
E-mail references are not acceptable.

This information will be treated as strictly confidential.

Please note: To ensure the safety of our clients, the Citizens Advice service requires that all volunteers who have direct access to clients, where any part of the work is primarily targeted at legally defined vulnerable adults or children, have their criminal records checked. However, the Citizens Advice service is committed to the promotion and delivery of equal opportunities to volunteers and so has a policy to ensure ex-offenders are not discriminated against.

All offences, other than sexual crimes against a child or vulnerable adult, will be treated on an individual basis taking into account issues such as the risk to the client, the circumstances of the offence (e.g. what it was, is it relevant to the volunteer role, how long ago it was) and the reputation of the bureau. Anyone with a conviction for a sexual offence against a child or vulnerable adult, whenever it was committed, is not considered suitable to volunteer within the service and will not be taken on by a Citizens Advice bureau.